Minecraft Server Rules

1. No use of glitches or ways to harm the economy of the server.

2. Farms that cause too much lag or any behavior that makes the server lag/crash will be punished accordingly.

3. Duping, and abusing bugs that give you an advantage is not allowed.

4. Hacking is not allowed. 

   4.1 - Autoclickers & Macros are also not allowed.

5. No Alts allowed.

   5.1 - Having alternate accounts may result have an ip ban due to a ban invasion from a banned account 

6. No advertising. 

   6.1 - Do not advertise any videos, servers or any social platforms 

7. No impersonation. 

  7.1 - Do not impersonate any famous figure or any of our staff team

8. No use of profanity or slurs.

   8.1 - This includes trying to bypass with * or blanks to try use any slurs or profanity 

9. No mini modding.

10. Do not send threats to anyone.

     10.1 - Do not send any ddods threats, ip leaks or any threats to the community or staff

11. No inappropriate skins, usernames. 

12. Don't disrespect anyone. 

13. Scamming is not allowed

14. TP-Killing is allowed.

15. Do not use real world money to buy stuffs from players

     15.1 - We can not refund any money that you use if you been scammed. We do not encourage anyone to use money to trade for in game items 

16. Spawn-Trapping is not allowed.

The staff team has the right to perform any punishment on their own discretion. 

This also means that arguing with their decision can get you muted.

If you think a staff member decision was wrong dm an Admin/Owner and report them.

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